Sunday…A Day of Rest?

Hello! Its Sunday 8:50am and I’ve already been up for a while! I got awoken to our little girl shouting that our chicken coop in the garden had lost its roof! Not a usual wake up call…it’s obviously been very windy through the night. About 8 years ago I never seen Sunday mornings, id stumble home at 4am and sleep it off until 4pm Sunday afternoon. I don’t miss it, I much prefer my Sundays now!

Today we have a family dinner around our house which consists of us 3, my parents, my nan, my mum in law and one of our best friends who seems to be unofficially becoming adopted into the family at the age of 28 lol! Amongst the beef and potato roasting, the veg preping and the yorkshire pudding poofing theres always the dogs to walk, the chickens to clean out, the house to clean before we host dinner and not to mention the uniforms to iron for the next school/work week! Do any parents actually have a day of rest on a Sunday? We did try to have a day of rest a few weeks ago. ‘It’s only a few weeks after christmas and dd has lots of new toys from christmas to keep her entertained, we can just laze all day and hardly move’…we very wrongly thought! It turned into a day of constant moaning and constant questions “I’m bored Mummy, Daddy this has broke, Can you get me a drink? I’ve split my drink over my bed, Let’s make cakes, shall we go the play ground?”. It didn’t work! First and last time we attempt a lazy Sunday…non-lazy Sundays are usually much more relaxed!

As well as being Sunday today it’s also the start of a new month; February! Busy month for us my Mum’s Birthday, DD’s Birthday, her party, our wedding anniversary and for this year only matching panel! Such an exciting and jam-packed month hopefully with a fantastic outcome at the end!

Have a lovely Sunday!


Why am I here?

Hello! This is my first blog as you can see! I’ve decided to start a blog in order to document my life over the next 12 months and so on.

A bit about me…well I’m a mum to one at present although after a year of going through the adoption process and waiting a matching panel we should hopefully have another little person living with us within the next month or so! We live and are from northwest of England, I’m happily married and have a loving husband who coincides as one of my best friends…we just get on and can genuinely have a laugh together!

Our little girl is our birth daughter, she is at primary school and is a fantastic kid, she’s funny, caring and mostly well-behaved!

We are all animal mad in our house, both me and the husband work with animals so they tend to come home with us (the sob stories), sometimes we say our daughter has been brought up in a colony rather than by people lol! Apart from the animals I enjoy baking, cooking, eating, painting and recently geocaching!

Bit of a small uninteresting blog but its my first and a starting point!

Have a lovely day!